Longways set dance for four couples - Men on band's right face ladies on left.

Tunes: Turkey in the straw, Oh Susanna etc

There are regional variations of this dance. We play it as 64 bars.

prepare Ladies join hands: Gents join hands
Bars 1-8 walk into partner for 4 steps and retire: repeat
Bars 9-12 Turn own partner by right hand and back to places
Bars 13-16 Turn own partner by left hand and back to places
Bars 17-20 Turn own partner by both hands and back to places
Bars 21-24 Do-si-do round your partner (fold arms and pass by right shoulder)
Bars 25-32 Top couple (nearest band) swing down set for count of 16
Bars 33-48 Gent links left arm with bottom lady: Lady links left arm with bottom man.   They turn and then turn own partner with right arm (as in Strip the Willow).   Continue up the line until back at the top. Then swing twice
Bars 49-56 Cast off (gents down gents side: ladies down ladies side).   Make arch and all couples pass through
Bars 57-64 Swing your partners
  Repeat for all four couples

Friends in Saline dancing.......the Virginia Reel.