The Mississippi Dip

32 Bar 4/4

Tune: Plantation type eg Yellow Rose of Texas

Waltz Hold. Man has back to centre of floor

Waltz position man back on LEFT FOOT

Bars 1-8
 Walk four slow steps to centre, side balance forward then side balance back
Walk four steps out again, side balance forward then side balance back
 Bars 9-16

Waltz hold but both face line of dance.
Three steps forward then lady turns to face over gents right shoulder walk three steps back(gent) and forward(lady). Waltz two full turns finish facing line of dance

 Bars 17-24 Take one step forward (gent left foot : lady right) and dip on opposite foot
Step forward again and close feet (pause)
Repeat Dip process
 Bars 25-32  repeat bars 9-16 but finish gent facing wall

Glen Pavilion Dunfermline