Lomond Waltz

32 bar waltz

Tune: Loch Lomond & any Scottish waltzes

Waltz hold

Bars 1-4 Waltz starts with a square. Count 3 for each step......from gents point of view.... 2 left then 2 forward leading with right foot
Bars 5-8 2 right then 2 back; starting with left foot.........
(you should now have danced a square- 2 left 2 forward 2 right 2 back)
Bars 9-12

Turn back to back separately (gent turns left). Then all the way round to face partner again

Bars 13-16 Hold 2 hands and step in but slightly offset gent to right
Step out then swap places by turning the lady under gents left arm
Bars 17-20  Repeat back to places
Bars 21-24 Gent steps to left (lady to right) then crosses right foot over left
Point left foot to side and then close to right foot (lady on opposite feet)
Bars 25-28 repeat in opposite direction
Bars 29-32 2 waltz turns to finish

Another Hogmanay at the Kingswood - Burntisland