Duke of Perth or Broun's Reel

Tune 'original' or any good 64 bar reel 4/4

Longways reel-time dance for 4 couples

 Bars 1 - 4 1st couple giving right hands turn once round then cast off one place on their own side of the dance - 4 skip change of step (count of 8)
 Bars 5 - 8  They give left hands and turn 1.1/2 times to finish facing their 1st corners (2nd man or 3rd lady)
Bars  9 - 16  They turn 1st corners with right hand, partners in the middle with left, 2nd corners with right and partners again with left. 2 steps to each hand giving. They finish facing 1st corners again.
 Bars 17 - 24  1st couple set to and turn 1st corners then set to and turn 2nd corners. 7 pas de basque. They finish between corners.
 Bars 25 - 30  They dance reel of three with their corners, beginning the reel by giving left shoulders to 1st corner. 6 skip change of step.
 Bars 31 - 32

 1st couple cross over to own side of the dance one place down.

1st couple repeat dance with next 2 couples.

Kev Sylv and Jean in Kingswood

Kingswood Hotel