Ceilidh Folk Comments

"You bring joy and happiness to a whole room full of people. Who could wish for a more noble job.   Thanks   - Donna"


Kingswood Hogmanay 2017


You never disappoint us. Once again a great Hogmanay. (Jane Steve Allan & Irene)

Created a great atmosphere - well done!

Great music. You make the dance easy to follow!

This is how you should bring the bells in. (Tom)

Happy dancers - Kingswood Hotel

You guys are awesome - great chat and great tunes,,

Great band - great sound

Great choice of dances

Hogmany picture 2006

Kingswood Hotel - Hogmanay 2006


"Fantastic music - liked the fact you explained everything...having a ball!   Hope to see you again soon "


September 05

Thank you for playing You did a great job of encouraging everyone up to dance (Andy Wilson)

Lively and entertaining.   Thanks very much.

Fantastic! Kids loved it.   Very patient with the grown ups!!!   Thank you from all the coos.

Ceilidh Folk at Windsor

Windsor - Pause between dances.....

October 2005

Tremendous evening - enjoyed by all ages.   Kept everyone on their toes! Well done and thanks again.

The band very good - excellent in making all participate, especially teaching us the dances!

Band was wonderful.   Everyone dancing.   Book again. (Jean)

Enjoyed music (ceilidh) and dancing.   Would thoroughly recommend Band.

It was a good laugh.   I will keep the band in mind because I will be doing more fundraisers for a charity event and your help will be greatly appreciated.

Liam's Wedding

Jean's son Liam was married in Sept. So we had to dress up and....have a ceilidh.........more pics below...


Enjoyed the dances - well done! Very good.

Wonderful entertainment   Will recommend you!

excellent as usual (Jack - Binnie)

A   really good night.

As good as ever, great night (Carmel)


November 2005

Great night with a superb choice of music to dance to.

What a great night - thank goodness for the caller!

Well done the Band! VG+

Fandabby dozy.

Thoroughly enjoyed! Lets have some more!

We want to come back to learn all of the dance steps.,   This has really been uplifting to an English incomer

Had a great time.    Music great.   GREAT -

Great band, great food, great dancing and excellent company.   Thank you all. (Dave Drysdale)

Very tuneful - music at right level of noise.

Hogmanay 2005 Kingswood Hotel

The 'lass' playing the accordion is brilliant!

Best in Fife if not Scotland.


Very very very lovely ........x

Brilliant, always helpful to have the dance talked through especially for us drunk folk having a blast!!!

Well guid! It's exactly what I expected. (just joking).

Thank you for a good night! The music was soooo much better than the food! Thanx again.

PS Happy New Year.

Excellent. Very enjoyable evening.   This is only our second visit and we will certainly be back.   Thank you (Marylyn Graham + 3)

Good food, Good music.   Very good night.   What more can you want.   Keep up the good work (John Rodger and Party)

Whit a braw nicht!

Whaur wir the heilen dancers?

Guid music, guid company.   Cheers!

A braw bright heilan night

Excellent. Good food and very good band.   Cheers.

Very enjoyable music and very entertaining to watch the dancing. (S Fraser, Falkirk)

Great night - good food, good music and good company.

Excellent - set the mood for a most enjoyable evening.(D S Coutts)

Good lively playing! Great fun (Curz)

A really good band, kept us all going. (George Young)

An absolute delight on the eye.   

Band were smashing.   A must have to my future wedding.

Windsor again

Spot the bride and groom - the new Mr and Mrs Young!


February 2006

Thanks for a great night!   Everyone enjoyed themselves and thought you were fantastic.   Thank you again for your great generosity and fantastic playing. (Megan Corbett)

Liked the walk through before dance,   mixture of dances very enjoyable.

Great to have live music at a function.

A brilliant night - Not just long enough.

Excellent! Very good instructions for dancing!

Excellent band.   Great night.   Thanks.

The earth moved! It was my first ceilidh! X

Thoroughly enjoyable - great night!

May 2006 Fundraiser.

Truly wonderful, will count the days till next one!

Wish I had been here earlier.

Great night   Had a great time.

Super night very enjoyable.

Band was superb.   Keep going.

Hunky Dorey.

Thanks for interrupting your world tour of Kelty, Auchtertool and Çrosshill to play for us tonight.   Up to your usual high standard (Tom).

Don't know how to dance but enjoyed myself and family very much. (David, Sharon and ....)

Great evening.   Dad's got 2 left feet! But had a great time!! Lisa and dad)


Great music.   Kept the party going with dance calls and patience with the non-dancers.   Thank you (Isobel)

Brilliant - enjoyed music and the singing.   Wish I could have enjoyed getting up to dance.

Super night - great music and lots of fun (Bill Davidson).

Band excellent.   Very enjoyable.   Good instruction.   Åll the best. (Ross).

Excellent! Good dances, good instruction, good music, good banter. (Alan).

Great! For a novice they were great at explaining.   Keep up the good work (Paul).

Thank you for a fantastic night.   The music was great and we've had a night to remember, Love (Rachel and Kenneth xx)


Very good night but you .........never ask me to sing.   Well done. Thanks (Bill).

Good band who get everyone to join in.   Great night. Thanks from (SUSAN)

Cupar wedding

Who needs a caller....I'll tell you what to do....
(and another new bride! )

June 2006

Good band, good music, good crack. (Moira and Gavin Shetland).

Loads of fun (Barrie USA).

Cheers! Love (Alan and Carrie xx)

Well done the band.   Great box player (William Gillian and Scott)

Very good, you filled the dance floor. (Colin and Lorraine).

Great night, great band, Loved the music and the giggles.   Apologies for a truly butchered Eightsome reel - but hey we enjoyed it (Kate Keiting)

Thank you for a great time.   We enjoyed trying out the dances. (Eleanore Gordon )

You have cured my husband's two left feet.   Real time this evening (Paula and Ian).

Thanks for great time (Steve and Susie).




Thanks for great entertainment.

Tremendous, 1 st class, (Lady Joyce Coplan)

Great entertainment. Well done. (The Byer Family).

Thanks for making our evening so memorable (and energetic!) (Rachel and Chris.)

D.W.S. at Windsor

Dashing White Sergeant - Windsor again

Enjoyed the music, great for getting everyone up dancing. (Carolyn)

Excellent music, toe tapping stuff! (Lynda, Harry and Hannah).

Excellent evening.   Many thanks. (George)

Great job , you were better than the band we had at our wedding (The Kellys)

Good selection of dance and music (Pollocks).

Great - no more to say (Mike)

What a great night. Thanks

Thanks for a lovely evening.   (Richard and Stephanie Mark and Timothy)

Wonderful music and singing.   Thank you (Carol and Paul)

Fantastic music and night   (L Simpson).

July 2006

I thought yer band were class.   Ye got the whole crowd really involved and were very patient with all who didn't know the dances.   Thank you!

I love ceilidhs.   Such a good way to get the party going.   Excellent band. Thanks very much (Vicky Somerville).

Please play "Strip the Willow"   again.   I missed it.   Its my fav.   Well done.   You are fab. (Eddina)

The band was excellent and really got the night off to a good start.   We must have lost at least a stone in weight. (S Wilson).

The band were great - good instructions.

Excellent band - got everyone up and dancing.   Had a ball!

Thought you were really good. We have your card and may phone you to organise a ceilidh in a few years for our wedding.

Eightsome Reel Cupar

Mid Eightsome reel!

August 2006

Very good.   Having a fabulous time.   Perfect for my perfect day.   (Carrie x)

You've managed to get everybody up dancing and teach them the steps.   Excellent time.   English Folk!!! Great Night!!!

Excellent music. Very suited for the occasion. (D Meldrum)

We think you have done a sterling job and have been really patient with all us amateurs. (Mandy Heggie)

Brilliant music - getting everyone to join in.

Great evening from a Sassenach.

And I thought I couldn't dance.   I was just waiting fort the right band. (Let me live with my drunken illusion).

Very good. Need to make allowances for the English.   No truthfully very good. (Stet).

Ceilidh Dancing, the fun, the laughter, it was wonderful!!! (Andy)

An excellent rendtition. This sassenach enjoyed it immensely!

Got the wedding going. Great music! (Margaret and Keith)

Great music - well worth the drive fromBristol! (Geoff & Linda)

Brilliant! Long may you carry on (Colin)

Really clear instructions, good music, thoroughly enjoyed the fun (Cath & Alan)

Really good band. Good to see Scottish music kept alive! (Liz and Andy)

Excellent band - fantastic instructions....

Kingswood Hotel 2005

Ceilidh Folk.......Spreading the happiness........


Brilliant as ever-   long may you carry on - May & Colin Drummond

Very good music.   I wish I was as good at dancing

Good music - good involvement from guests

Good music - well worth the drive from Bristol!   - Geoff & Linda

Really clear instructions, good music - thoroughly enjoyed the fun - Cath & Alan

Really good band, good to see Scottish music kept alive - Liz and Andy  

The Bans was brilliant - Mags Murray

Excellent band - fantastic instructions. If I every marry you will be top of the list.

Helen and Co

Helen and Co at the Kingswood Hogmanay 2006



The band was great.   They cater for people who have never been to a ceilidh like me: an excellent night - Elizabeth Arbuckle

Wonderful evening - thanks - Alice Soper

After over 25 years it is nice to dance to Scottish music again - Gill

A really enjoyable night - band were excellent.

Fantastic band - Margaret

Fantastic - Kept the party going

Music great and I loved dancing

Whooppee!!   Loved it :o)

Great entertainment

Fab music - had a great time - Jacqui Ogilvie

Excellent evening- Great music - made the night - thanks

You had us up for nearly every dance - a mark of a very special band.   Keep up the great work and God Bless you and yours   - Path-head Minister

Great night great music- Ian and Tracy Graham

Fantastic - really enjoyed the evening   - Jim & Irene

Excellent - kept the evening going with a swing

Great Band - Janet

Very good night - Band excellent - Good timing - Karla & John Blamey

Very good music

Kingswood 2006

The expression says it all really !



You have completed my conversion to ceilidh music that started last time I heard you! - Alan Ritchie

You are still excellent - keep up the good music W & M Phillips

Excellent introduction to ceilidhs for my 9 year old sone - Brilliant as ever -thanks - The Warnocks

Consistently very good - lots of fun   E & B Ireland

We must stop meeting like this!   Another excellent evening The Drummonds - Perth

Had a great time

Hogmanay 2006

Kingswood Ceilidh Folf 2006


Top class as always - Janette Vogel::: Another great Hogmanay! - Helen C :::Great Band....again!    Susan Laird

Excellent band, music and compere::: thanks a lot  ::: Great explanations   - Rhys.:::.Our first Hogmanay - Excellent!   We will come again

Coning back next year    - Karen and John MacDonald......The music terrific - our 2nd year at Hognamany

DWS at the Kingswood 2006

Dashiing White Sergeant in the Kingswood - Hogmanay 2006

Excellent - really good fun and having the instructions called out was great - The Ritchies

Fantastic- Great night out every year - been coming for 4 years at Hogmanay - Pip n Stevie

Our first Hogmanay in Fife and an excellent example of a ceilidh!