The Big Three

32 bar reel

Tune: Any good reels

Sets of three couples facing round the room in the same manner as the Dashing White Sgt but 3 men facing 3 ladies.

 Bars 1-8  All couples join hands and the ladies pull their partner backwards for 8 steps. The men then pull their partner backwards for 8 steps ending in original position
 Bars 9-12  Centre couple join hands and swing
 Bars 13-16   Outside couples joint hands and swing round
 Bars 17-20   Men join hands in a line and ladies do the same.Men and ladies then move three steps to their own right and shout 'OY''
They all move three steps to the left.
 Bars 21-24  
Repeat the three steps to the left and shout 'OY'
Return three steps to the right finishing in their original position.
 Bars 25-32 Still joining hands the couples advance towards each other once and then advance again but this time the ladies go under the men's hands to join a new set of three men while the men join three new ladies.
   Play at least until everyone has joined with original partner again

dancers in Kingswood Hotel