Pride Of Erin Waltz

 32 Bar waltz

Tune: usually Irish waltzes we use Mountains of Mourne etc

Arm around partners waist facing line of dance

Bars 1-4  Both swing inside leg forward and back.  Walk forward for 3 beats quickly and turn  
Bars 5-8 Repeat back to start but finish facing your partner
Bars 9-12  Cross right foot over left and Point left foot to left - cross left foot over right and Point right foot to right  
Bars 13-16 Partners turn back to back away from each other (gent turns left) then continue back to place
Bars 17-20 Swing forward and back and the lady turns under the gent's arm changing places
Bars 21-24 Repeat back to place  
Bars 25-28 Two steps to Gents left. Two steps to Gents right  
Bars 29-32 waltz for 2 turns

Kingswood Hotel...again!...a favourite haunt .