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We can play for dancing or just for listening to -

Burns nights, Scots nights, St Andrew's Nights, St Patrick's nights and most of all Ceilidhs!!

Old folks, young folk, churches, scouts, weddings,birthdays.....anything in fact!

Ceilidh Dance........What is it?

A chance to exercise in a fun way whilst socialising with old and new friends. Ceilidh Dancing has enjoyed a tremendous upsurge in popularity in recent years, with dances taking place most weekends and often mid-week too all over the country. These are run by institutions or individuals as fund-raisers, or simply as social nights, for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries; in fact any event where people want to gather together to enjoy themselves.

Most people find, that with a little prompting, they can remember the more common dances from school-days but the whole essence of the modern ceilidh is that it is a chance to learn new dances. So much so, that a new member has been added to most modern ceilidh bands - the caller - a job description borrowed from American Square dances but one that fills a vital role in today's ceilidh scene.

I have called dances now for 16 years including 4 years of teaching classes in Ceilidh Dance! Trust me - you CAN dance......

Instructions for some of our dances are listed on the left .

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Barren Rocks of Aden

Loch Ruan


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